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MinistersThe Cross-Photo Art

Instantly download beautiful bible story electronic images for Church presentations or buy framed 16X24 works of art for the foyers and hallways of your Church.


The electronic images will enhance your services and cause worshipers to view and hear bible stories in a new and different way.


The framed works of art are designed to be beautiful enhancements to your Church décor.  They are historical glimpses into the biblical events that have shaped our faith, but are also beautiful works of art that would be beautiful and appropriate even in a secular setting.


Each scene was created using paid actors and bible sets designed just for the image.  The images are then printed on museum quality paper using Giclée (spray) printing resulting in deep, richly saturated colors.  Each image was then framed to compliment the image and add a touch of opulence.


The deep saturation and bold colors in the framed art will enhance the foyers and hallways of your Church.  Each bible scene was designed to be a beautiful work of art and tell a story.


The 16X24 images come ready to hang in a beautiful frame that is 33 inches long and 25 inches tall.  All images are horizontally oriented.

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This comment is from an email from Doug in Tennessee who purchased the framed version of The Cross for his home.  Thank you Doug for the kind words.  August 29, 2012.

hello mike, i got my picture today, just like you said i would. mike this has got to be the most beautiful picture of our LORD that i have ever seen. the color is so wonderful, it is like i was standing there watching our LORD being crucified for is so real, i am so glad i found you and your wonderful pictures. i know now that when i need something special , i know where to come. my picture was everything you said it was and more. thank you so much mike, my wife will love this. thanks for your prayers, doug.