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I have just started a new field of photography, (HDR) and I'm using it to capture images of boats and their owners on the water.  Until you have seen examples of HDR photography, it is kind of hard to grasp, but it is one of the most exciting things to come along in photography since digital cameras. 

Each HDR image is unique, so results are very seldom what you expect; but they are virtually always pleasing and capture the essence of the scene in a very different and interesting way.  If you want a conversation starter boat photo to frame and hang of you and your boat on the water-email me and we will make it happen.

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The HDR photo session on the lake and an 11X14 print without framing is $100.00.  Add $50.00 to have your HDR boat photo printed, matted and nicely framed.  An electronic version of the photo for Facebook or emailing comes free with your session.  If you are not satisfied with your photo-no charge.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  These prices are good for summer 2011 only.  Email me for an appointment.  I live on Lake Grapevine by Twin Coves Marina, but I will drive to other lakes if they are not too far away.  Early morning (before 9AM), or very late in the afternoon (approaching sunset) are the best times for HDR photography.  The long shadows early in the day and late in the evening create stunning HDR photos.  You will be glad you got up early or stayed on the lake a little later.

When you contact me, we will pick a good time and location where I can take the photo from the shore.  It is important to pick a good backdrop for these photos, so keep that in mind and help me choose a good backdrop for you.  Forested and/or rocky coastlines, a marina in the distance, or into the sunset are all good ideas for backdrops; or you may just like open water stretching into the distance.  Remember-HDR opens up shadows and increases the intensity of the colors in a sunset or a shadowy forested coastline.  If you don't know where you would like to take the photo-I will pick the spot.

Either way-lets make it fun!!!


Business Owners

Business Owners-email me your business name and address and I will take an HDR photo of your business for free.  I will email you when it is done.  If you like it-you pay $100.00 for the electronic version and an enlargement suitable for framing.  You can use the electronic version for your web site and/or printing or advertising.  Just like with a portrait session, I do cosmetic retouching and correction on your business.  I take great pride in making your business photo dramatically display all the great qualities of your business while downplaying the little nicks and problems that just about any building is going to have.  I can also make a cartoon-like representation of your business-make it look very similar to a painting-or just make a really good photo that you will be happy to display on your web site or wherever.  In most cases-I will send you electronic versions of more than one of the photographic styles and you can use each of them where you wish.

I am totally dependent on your good will and word of mouth advertising to keep me busy and off the streets.  I want to make you happy with what I create for you.

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